Emma Roberts Wears See-Through, Just Like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna!

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Emma Roberts seems to be taking notes from fellow young starlets’ closets, the controversial Miley Cyrus and Rihanna who are both rather infamous for showing off their assets (or tweeting provocative and revealing photos!) sans any sort of modesty. Sheer, bra-less and skin-baring are all operative words to describe many of Cyrus and RiRi’s looks. Now, Roberts, 21, might just be following their fashion footprint—at least for the edgy Coachella music festival.

Roberts left precious little to the imagination when she donned a white mesh dress for the famous fest. The frock-slash-swimsuit cover-up didn’t succeed in hiding anything with its large-gauge netted fabric. No super-fine mesh here, which can afford a bit more coverage. Good thing the actress had on a bikini (a black-and-white color-block style with a bandeau top to be exact) on underneath, or her strange ensemble would have gone from its PG-13 status to X-rated. Rihanna, of course, may have opted to go even more exhibitionist and skip the bikini top, just wearing the bottom half of the swimsuit, if some of her latest exits are any indication.

File:Emma Roberts 2011. 3.jpgEmma Roberts’ outfit may have been skimpy and plenty risqué, but it crossed over into downright unusual territory with her circular, oversized shades and a dirty pair of sneakers worn with… wait for it: bubblegum pink socks! Fashion police sirens are definitely wailing right now. What a closet concoction!

Coachella is known to bring out the more eccentric, bizarre and outlandish fashion statements (from hippie dippy to boho chic, grungy rock to exhibitionism galore), and Roberts took full advantage of this fashion free-for-all. That said, she still stood out among the more clothed crowd around her, as seen via the photos posted on Daily Mail, especially with her fair complexion that was also a stark contrast to the sea of spray tans and bronzed-up festival-goers. It definitely took some moxie on her part for her to flaunt her figure around in that manner!

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