Emma Stone Girl Crush! Christina Hendricks Does It For Her

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Does Emma Stone have a girl crush on Christina Hendricks?! One thing is for certain – everything about Hendricks, of Mad Men, “does it” for Stone, who says she would love to play a lesbian one day (the key word here being ‘play’). For now, though, it’s just a fantasy for 22-year-old Emma, who is currently dating Andrew Garfield, her costar on Amazing Spider-Man.

Speaking about her girl crush on Christina, Stone said, “It’s a no-brainer. Everything about her does it for me. That’s my kind of woman.” Hmm, so now everyone will want to know – how does Hendricks feel about this news? Flattered, for sure, but who knows? Perhaps Hendricks has a girl crush of her own… it would be interesting to know who that might be.

Chelsea Handler, joking around during Emma Stone’s appearance on Chelsea Lately, asked the actress if she had a girlfriend. Stone laughed it off and said, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. But who knows? You love who you love.” It’s clear she is open to the idea if the opportunity ever arose. Emma at least thinks the opportunity to play a lesbian would be cool. “Send me over a good script,” she says. “That sounds amazing.”

Although, here’s an interesting twist: Emma Stone asked also, “Can I play a man? [Psycho actor] Anthony Perkins would be interesting, because it was kind of a secret thing.”

Well, now we all know Emma doesn’t have any issues with a person’s sexual orientation. She’s as cool and laid back about all that as they come.

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