Emma Stone Goes Glam with Chic Updo at Movie Premiere

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Starlet Emma Stone stepped out on the red carpet for the LA premiere of her new film The Help, showing herself to be a new force in the fashion world. Her hair rocked a chic updo with side tendrils to something special with a stylish hair clip from the Chanel collection. The actress, 22, wore a gray, strapless Chanel dress, with a sheer, beaded over-shirt and a skirt knotted at the waist, leaving a slit open high on her gorgeous leg and showcasing her same-color Brian Atwood pumps. Hollywood Life reports the details. Emma Stone added Chanel drop earrings.

The subdued, purple-gray hue of the fabric—an unusual choice with her deep red hair, seemed to draw focus on Emma’s face, and it proved she is not afraid to take a risk. In fact, so has her life, so far, and the risks are paying off. “You are eh-vuh-ree-where,” gushed a waiter to Emma Stone recently.

Emma has three films currently playing—The Help; Crazy, Stupid Love and Friends with Benefits. And she has become a new face of Revlon, soon to be appearing in ads everywhere. Pretty hot for a girl barely out of her teens, who picked up from Arizona in the middle of high school and moved to LA, to get a start in Hollywood. (She later finished school online.) This is every teen-aged girl’s dream and every parent’s nightmare. Actually, her mother moved with her, and the dream is coming true—none of which makes other nervous parents feel better.

“I haven’t really given myself time or space to examine all of this because I don’t think it’s a good idea to,” Emma Stone says of her career. “You have to hold it lightly. You have to be like, ‘This is gonna go away.’ Because it will. After these movies come out, these questions will stop, and I’ll be like, ‘What happened?'” reports the LA Times.

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