Emma Stone: Hollywood’s Newest Big Deal Has Amazing Attitude

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Emma Stone is acting up a storm lately in Hollywood – the gorgeous young girl has three movies going on right now, all of them big! First Emma is appearing in The Help, a film about the racial divide of the Deep South in the 1960’s which is based on Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel. Following The Help is Crazy Stupid Love in which she stars opposite Ryan Gosling. Third, of course, is The Amazing Spider-Man in which Emma stars opposite Andrew Garfield, who she is rumored to be dating. The girl has so many huge blockbusters on her plate, who can keep up?

Emma Stone might be a big deal in Holywood right now, but she definitely is not letting herself get a big head about it – she really has a great attitude, one that is healthy.

About her “big Hollywood Moment,” Emma says, “I’m very aware that it’s a moment right now. Of course, it’s very exciting but time will pass so I’m trying to appreciate the present, and live in the moment. If I ever get overwhelmed by everything that’s happening to me, I think: ‘Get over it sweetheart. It will be gone one day.'”

Wow, it’s too bad more Hollywood celebrities don’t have the same mindset as Emma. She is very appreciative of all that she has going on right now, but also humble about the fact that it might not always be that way, so she is enjoying herself in the moment today.

“There’s going to be another 22-year-old redhead on my heels. It’s inevitable and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll get older and I’ll have to surrender to it,” said Emma Stone.

“My biggest goal in life is to make sure that I keep my head on straight,” Emma said.

Wow, that’s an incredibly mature statement for a 22-year-old actress.

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