Emma Stone Talks Ryan Gosling and ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’

In a recent interview, Emma Stone opened up about Ryan Gosling and her latest movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Stone has been an under the radar kind of actress but her star has been glowing brighter and brighter. Emma is mostly known for her roles as Wichita in Zombieland and as Olive in Easy A.

While discussing how it was to work with Ryan Gosling, Stone stated, “It was fantastic. He’s so funny naturally in real life that it was a little mind-boggling that he’s not known for being a funny guy. I think he’s funny, and it was great getting to have fun with him and play around and see what happened. He’s a great teammate.”

Stone has steadily worked her way up the entertainment ladder and now, she is on the brink of superstardom. Despite the fact that she’s been acting for well over a decade, no one has really paid much attention to her or her career until recently. Sometimes that’s for the best because Emma can now bust open Hollywood’s doors in a spectacular way.

Emma also stated that working on Crazy, Stupid, Love was a complex process because, “There’ll be the times where you step in and it’s like, ‘Let’s pace this up a little bit,’ or, ‘Let’s slow this one down,’ or, ‘Let’s skip this,’ or, ‘Let’s move forward to that.’ For the most part, I think life doesn’t really follow …right now I’m not thinking of how to balance humor with serious answers. It comes out of my mouth. That’s my approach when it comes to characters. A bunch of different emotions are always battling within us as human beings, so over-thinking that balance would take away some of the humanity of it — for me.”

Fortunately, Emma Stone has managed to find that perfect balance. Keep your eyes open because if there’s one actress you will see more of, it will be Stone. Seriously, for a young actress, you are safer betting that her career will last longer than Kristen Stewarts. Both women are attractive but one can truly act and the other, well, she blinks a lot.

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