Emma Stone To Be Offered Role As Mary Jane Watson in New “Spider-Man” {Video}

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Emma Stone, seen in last year’s “Zombieland,” is going to be offered the role as Mary Jane Watson in the new “Spider-Man” film. If she accepts, Stone will be replacing Kirsten Dunst as “Spidey’s” love interest in the franchise.   

Dunst, who played the role of Mary Jane Waston, for three films, decided to not return for the fourth film. Stone, however, will more than likely accept the coveted offer. Considering the similarities between the two actresses, the transition should be fairly seamless. 

The 24-year-old actress is best known for her recent role in the comedy “Easy A,” and looks to be the next “it” girl in Hollywood. According to Hollywood Insider, “Easy A” is having a very successful run in the theaters with $35 million in grosses so far.    

It should be interesting to see if audiences will truly accept the new Mary Jane Watson. While Stone is not as well known as Dunst, audiences will surely remember her after seeing the film. She is a beautiful and talented actress, and maybe Stone will bring something new to the “Spider-Man” role that will make her stand apart from Dunst. 

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