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“Emma the Amish Model’ is a real Pennsylvania Amish girl who has gone wild. See photos below. She has told a lot about her former life as Amish and is baring all for a few bucks. She has been elected pin up of the month by NewAmericanPinup.com. Her 15 minutes of fame was kicked off on the Howard Stern show today and looks like it has a way to go. 

It does appear a little titillating to see her in her Amish garb and then see her exposed in the flesh, after all she is a beauty. But seeling her panties for $39? Well that the free enterprise system for you, but I bet she sells more panties than she could have ever worn in her life time. 

photo from www.NewAmericanPinup.com

When asked it this was her future she responded”I don’t wanna do it again. Well, I feel like it just went a little too far that time…I’m ok with it for now. Like, I’m ok with it for it to be on the web but that’s not what I wanna do for the rest of my life.”


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Emma the Amish Model’ gets 15 minutes of fame on Howard Stern

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all photos attached below are from : http://howardstern.com/image.hs?ts=1&i=/RS-05-11-10—emma-the-amish-model—full-body.jpg

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