Emma The Amish Model Photos & New American Pinup [Pics/Video]

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The New American Pinup Emma The Amish Model Photos & New American Pinup

Hard economy times are hitting everyone even the Amish. A decided to take matters into her own hands and yes she is Amish. “Emma The Amish Girl” is the name she used when featured as the April girl of the month on the New American Pinup. The website is very un-Amish which is what makes this story so interesting. When Emma came up with the idea of selling her underwear she could think of no better place the New American Pinup. She sells her underwear for $39. Apparently, she will even pose in a naughty pose with a bubblegum dispenser.

Appearing on Howard Stern Show onTuesday has made her the toast of well circles where selling your underwear on the internet is gold. See the photos of her on the official American Pinup website. The photos feature her in native Pennsylvania Dutch County attire and down to shocking nudity.

 New American Pinupby Brian Johnson, tattoo artist and author/ photographer. His website gives a fantastic amount of information about his 20 years as tattoo artist. Soon that take the literary world be storm… well that is if the book he is writing goes according to plan, Johnason has definitely caught the attenttion of many with the revelation of the Emma the Amish Girl.


Emma The Amish Model photos here.





See Photo at Huffingoton Post

Check out the video here

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