Emma Thompson Slams Audrey Hepburn “Can’t Really Act”

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Emma Thompson needed someone to slam and found Audrey Hepburn. Hollywood’s’ darling Audrey Hepburn who starred many films including “My Fair Lady,” where Hepburn famously played Eliza Doolittle.

Of Hepburn’s performance as Eliza Doolittle Thompson says, “I thought that there needs to be a new version. . .  I find Audrey Hepburn fantastically twee.” What is a twee?

The New York Post goes on to explain the word, “By “twee” the British actress said she means ‘whimsy without wit.'” Thompson went on but enough said. Thompson is not a fan of the lovely and deceased Hepburn. If she wants to make a new version of “My Fair Lady,” she should, but does she need to mock a dead actress to do so?

By what right does Emma Thompson,51,speak? Is she so talented? She made her mean spirited remarks when she got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One thing she does have over Audrey Hepburn is she’s alive. Audrey Hepburn died in January, 1993.  Shame on Thompson.

British actress Emma Thompson reflects on her parents during an unveiling ceremony honoring her with the 2,416th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front of the Pig 'n Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on August 6, 2010. UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

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