Emma Watson from Subdued to Scandalous: Goes Bad Girl for Next Role

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Hermione who?

After years of playing the by-the-book nerd, Emma Watson appears ready to ditch the good girl act and get her hands dirty. In her new movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Watson’s character does “cause a reasonable amount of trouble,” as she politely puts it, with her free-spirited ways. Not to be outdone by her character, the actress showed up on the film’s red carpet peremiere with a revealing white dress that proudly showed off her side boob.

Hang on to your horses because Watson’s bad girl streak is far from over. Currently in post-production, in the upcoming movie Bling Ring, the British actress dives even deeper to the dark side, as reported by E! Online. In fact, her character breaks the law in more ways than one: Not only does she rob celebrity homes—which we can assume the “Bling” portion of the title came from—but she dabbles in illicit substances as well. Parents, it sounds like the Harry Potter actress’s young fans will have to stay at home if you head to the theater for this one!

Over time Emma Watson is becoming less subdued and more scandalous. But it’s all in good fun. Unlike some young Hollywood actresses (Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes!) she has a handle on her personal life, even if her characters get out of hand now and again.

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