Emma Watson Gets Sexy with a New Hobby

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A grown up Emma Watson is finding new ways to shed her Hermione image. After all, you can’t stay a young innocent forever and this Brit is now all of 22 years old.

And so, at this advanced age (well, at least as compared with how old she was when she started working on the Harry Potter franchise), Watson’s most recent discovery not only teaches her new tricks for adults only but the practice also has the actress getting her sexy on.

With all these hints, can you guess what her new addiction is?


OK. Emma Watson started learning how to pole dance. She’s taking lessons and is so keen on them that she is vocal and appreciative about how much benefit she gets from this new “sport.” That would be getting fit, not turning tricks–or as a British publication put it, “not earning a few quid on the side.”

Apparently, this already trim actress is seeing results from her pole dancing lessons, allegedly saying that she is now “toned.” She is also finding this endeavor both enjoyable but “quite liberating.”

Good to hear since being Hermione Granger for so many years was probably very confining when it came to trying new things of a sexy nature. And so, as Emma Watson gets the opportunity to do that in front of a bunch of other students, she apparently is enjoying her new hobby. Hard to imagine but maybe this pretty actress will show off these fresh skills some time soon on the big screen.

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