Emma Watson: ‘I Have Too Much Money’ – What to Do with $17M?

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Emma Watson proclaimed, “I have too much money!” The Harry Potter star added she didn’t know what to do with all the money she had. Watson made about $17 million from the Harry Potter films.

File:Emma Watson GoF Premiere Crop.jpgWatson told the Daily Star that she had run out of ideas on ways to spend her mass fortune. Apparently, Emma Watson’s biggest expense is her college education at Brown University! Watson may only be 20, but it’s clear, she has a solid footing on reality.

The actress stated, “I bought a laptop, and a Toyota Prius when I passed my driving test, but that’s the most expensive things I’ve spent my money on outside my education.”

There are many people who could easily squander their fortune on trivial things. However, it seems Emma Watson is far removed from the pleasures of material things. It’s good to see someone transcend their wealth and stay as down to earth as she has.

What would you do with $17 million? Would you splurge on jewels and brand-named items? What about giving away some money to charity? Perhaps, Emma Watson will consider shelling out some of her fortune to help those who are less fortunate.

It’s given that Watson’s fortune can only grow from here. With her talent and intelligence, there’s no way Watson will ever stray down the wrong path.

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