Emma Watson Waves Wand at Fashion Design

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Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson is making a career move into the fashion world. She’s designing clothing. Designing is practically trending among female celebs these days—think Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham or the Olsen twins—but Emma no doubt has her own approach. She’s already designed a line of tee shirts, reports Daily Mail, but she really wants to work on custom evening gowns.

Emma Watson has spent an unusual amount of time in evening wear lately, what with various parties and premieres promoting the final Potter movie—Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2. Most likely she knows what works and what doesn’t. And she will be comfortable working with celebs, since she has been in the public eye since she was nine.

“Emma wants to challenge herself creatively,” says a source close to the actress.” Another source reports, “She’s obsessed with art at the moment.” Most importantly, she has already made more money than most people earn in a lifetime—several times over, so Emma Watson can do whatever she pleases. If she wants to start a fashion line, she won’t need backers. She can finance herself.

Emma Watson takes inspiration from designers such as Georgina Chapman and Sarah Burton. Sarah Burton, royal-watchers will remember, designed the wedding dress for Kate Middleton. So far, Emma’s career has been pretty much dictated by the Harry Potter saga. It will be interesting to follow what she does on her own.

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