Emotional Note from ER Doctor Goes Viral after Patient’s Death

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A very touching and emotional letter written by an ER doctor to the husband of a deceased patient was posted on the internet and has since gone viral. According to Yahoo, millions have been moved by this tender note, penned by a New York Presbyterian Hospital doctor.

The letter was originally published on the Reddit website, by the son of the deceased woman who reportedly died of breast cancer in December 2012, where it was viewed by over 2 million users, inspiring thousands to leave comments.

This is very unusual. It is rare to hear about a doctor writing to the family of a patient. Doctors are often perceived as emotionally detached from patients, although, understandably so, considering the nature of their work.

After expressing his sadness upon hearing of the woman’s death, he explains that because emergency room work is usually hurried and not conducive to personal connections, he has never before written such a note to a patient or patient’s family. He then goes on to talk about the rare impact that this woman and the relationship she had with her husband had on him.

“I felt a special connection to your wife who was so engaging and cheerful in spite of her illness and trouble breathing,” the doctor says in the handwritten note displayed on Imgur. “I was also touched by the fact that you seemed to be a very loving couple. You were highly supportive of her, asking the right questions with calm, care and concern. From my experience as a physician, I find that the love and support of a spouse or family member is the most soothing gift, bringing peace and serenity to those critically ill.”

He concludes by expressing his condolences to the man and his family and saying that he hopes the man can find comfort in his wife’s “great spirit” and in the couple’s “loving bond.”

The family of this woman have undoubtedly found much comfort in the physican’s words. This lady must have been very special to have made such a meaningful impression on a doctor who must have treated countless patients.

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