Emphysema & My Dad

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It’s been just over a month now since my dad was diagnosed with emphysema.  I can’t even begin to express how proud and happy I am.  My dad is doing an amazing job making the changes necessary to improve his life!

The day my dad was diagnosed with emphysema, he only weighed 116 pounds.  The doctors like to see your oxygen levels at 90% and my dads were only at 74%. 

I posted an UPDATE on My Dad & Emphysema on August 8th.  Just before we went on our summer vacation the the Oregon Coast.  It’s been a rough month for my parents with the emphysema and their car accident. My Parents Were in a Car Accident on Friday the 13th.

My dad had another appointment with his doctor this afternoon.  To check not only his emphysema stats but also an exam because of the car accident.  I’m proud to announce that my dad’s oxygen levels are now up to 83% and he gained 2 pounds!

Plus… He’s Smoke Free after 40 years!  I’m so proud of my dad!!

My dad and I sitting on the beach last week in Oregon.  My mom took this picture.


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