Enbridge Oil Cold on the Shoulder about Global Warming

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The United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) submitted their final report to the Canadian oil corporation, Enbridge Inc. with a litany of violations requiring immediate action. On July 25, 2010, an Enbridge oil pipeline burst in Marshall, MI. that spilled 843,444 gallons (3,192,782 liters) of oil effecting wetland areas, and contaminated both Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River. There has not been a successful cleanup to this pipeline breach and people continue to get sick from exposure.

Gather EarthThe NTSB determined that the break in the pipeline was the result of its normal operation. There was no evidence of malice or tampering. However, there are numerous reports in evidence to support the lack of enforcing safety protocol, omission of proper training procedures, and an overall indifference towards the welfare of communities and environmental conditions along their pipelines. The NTSB concluded that had the safety mandates been adhered the rupture would likely have been averted.

The theme of indifference seems to be a constant component of Canadian oil companies. Enbridge and TransCanada pipelines have had more than 800 spills, which has civil engineers stateside concerned. Nevertheless, Canada ensures that the latest technological advances for constructing pipeline materials are used and that the projects are safe.

In contrast, independent contract inspectors are witnessing pipes breaching simply from the act of welding pieces together. There are reports that the pipelines are made of a substandard grade of steel that cannot withstand the unusually high demands of the piping to maintain a constant superheated temperature of 158°F (70°C) to successfully transport product. This is a horrifying notion as these Canadian companies are claiming eminent domain over American landowners’ properties without regard or care for the safety of the United States citizens affected or the negative impacts on ecological stability.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have been documenting Earth’s erratic climate patterns. Dr. James Hansen’s findings puts the oil industry in the hot seat for carbon dioxide (CO2) atmospheric imbalances, which is considered a leading factor in causing accelerated Arctic ice melt off. Enbridge wants people to believe that the environment will function normally with 450 parts per million (PPM) of CO2 in the atmosphere. At 390PPM, the Arctic region of the planet shows the most substantial increase in temperatures, even with record highs around the world, and 650PPM is the calculated level for extinction.

It is not a small statement when the United States, who pines for Enbridge oil business, says get the priorities straight. Still, Canadian residents have the Northern Gateway pipeline debacle for which to look forward. With Enbridge professing a socially responsible business model to North America, they would prefer it people paid little heed to the pipelines running through major environmental habitats and waterways, conservatively breaking more than a dozen environmental acts, and giving toxic sludge direct access to the Pacific Ocean. If Enbridge is willing to perpetually endanger the environment and violate local and international laws it begs asking, what won’t they do for profit sake?

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