Enchanted- Amy Adams gets her perfect role.

The Disney film "Enchanted" is simply wholesome, decent, and totally lacking in nudity and violence. Despite the above flaws, it happens to be great fun and largely irresistable. Amy Adams carries it. her portrayal of a fairy tale princess transplanted to New York City is sly and simply brilliant. Every gesture, every giggle and 'thank you' is perfect. Yes, she repeatedly cuts up curtains to make her frilly dresses, and yes, she does ask if anyone knows of a hollow tree for her to crash in for the night.

The basic premise of the movie, that love is too important to be limited by practical thinking, is a tough sell these days. But if anything could convince you, this is probably it.

"How do you know that you love her" is such a broadway show-stopper, staged in Central Park. The team of Alan Mencken and Steven Schwarz collaborated on the music. Remember Mencken from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin? There are many in-jokes in this film, and a number of the supporting characters are women who sang the leads in Disney Musicals. This is a suitable homage to the second golden age of Disney animated musicals in the eighties and nineties, though most members of the audience will be clueless on this detail. If you enjoyed "Wicked" on Broadway, you will recognize Idina Menzel.

Alan Mencken partnered with lyricist Howard Ashman on The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, then Ashman sadly died of AIDS. Mencken proceeded to achieve great things with Schwarz. My wife has pointed out the parallels to Richard Rodgers, the genius of musical theater, who achieved great fame with Lorenz Hart until alcohol killed Hart- then proceeded to have a second great career with Oscar Hammerstein. You have heard of Rodgers and Hammerstein, right? Oklahoma, Carousel, South Pacific?

Andrew Lloyd Weber simply fails to compare to Mencken. Nothing personal, Andrew. And here is a sad and twisted statement to come from a liberal like me who generally sees little good in large corporations: The Walt Disney company is pretty good at much of what they do, and quite a bit of what they do actually makes the world a better place.

Forgive my saccharine sentiments, I used up my cynicism in earlier posts today and I am still under Amy Adams' "spell'.

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