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Provide passage with the chisel of tribute,
Offer every courtesy and salute
The scars that mar his days.
Take note of his efforts to oppose
Any designs to disclose
His clandestine, murderous ways.
I see nothing here I can defend
Though I do my best to pretend.

Proposed in beastly permutations,
Flattered with attentive relations,
I embraced the machinery of will.
This impoverished impulse persists
When I swallow the abyss
That commends the need to kill
Myself and every living friend.
I feel I am rightly condemned.

Who is this ill-tempered souvenir
From the halcyon days of fear?
Who can explain his persistance?
Will I learn the fleet, noble art
That lays its mark on every heart
Or then devour the distance
Between what I love and condemn
And all that I cannot transcend?

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