Engaged Prince William, Royal Air Force Announced Prince William’s role as casualty in helicopter training

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RAF has announced that Prince William, who is soon to be engaged to Kate Middleton, will take part in a training mission where Prince William will be a casualty.  Don’t worry, this is a routine part of Sea King Helicopter’s training. 

The Prince not only trains to be a RAF on a rescue helicopter, but Prince William must play a casualty, so he knows how it feels to be hoisted up as a casualty into a Sea King Helicopter.

If Prince William, or as he is known to his RAF friends, “Flight Lieutenant Wales,” passes the course, he will be a Sea King Helicopter pilot by the end of the year about the same time Prince William is to marry, Kate Middleton.

How romantic.

Have no fear, ladies, the handsome Prince William, 27, will pass the course.  He is very brave and quite bright. 

Can you see that wedding now?


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