Engagement Announcement!

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Yes, indeed, I am officially engaged as of yesterday. Jacob proposed last night when he gave me my stocking. He hid the box under a bunch of kisses (Hershey kisses, of course) and when I went to take some out, I hit the box and pulled it out and he proposed. ^_^

I originally wanted a sapphire, but the wedding band we got works with both a sapphire or a diamond, so it's all good. He did end up getting me a diamond. It's a size 7, so I'm going to take it and resize it today so hopefully we'll have it when we go home for Christmas.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of the ring itself:






The wedding is set for next July. We're working on an exact date and we're hoping to have that within the next week. :D So, any money earned here from Gather…yup, you guessed it…goes towards my wedding. ;)

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