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House just began it’s 6th season. Already the entertainment and drama has begun. House is a doctor who works at a hospital he has his own team of 3 doctors who work under him.They take the hardest cases that other doctors can’t solve.

House is a genius of  doctor who has a sarcastic wit and cranky attitude! This season begins with him being in a mental asylum where he pulls of crazy stunts to get released. He signed himself in after dealing with major losses last season and also have a pain killers addiction to Vicodin. He was seeing hallucinations and it all led to him…

At first he doesn’t want to go back to practicing medicine so he decides to try other things out but House is house without his medical ways of thinking. He tries cooking lessons with his friend Wilson and then obsessively cooks day and night to distract himself from the pain. Eventually he comes back to practicing medicine as a consultant while waiting to get back his medical license to be reinstated. In the mean time Foremen the doctor who used to work under him is in charge and that cause the team to fall apart. Which bring back the original team from a couple of years ago and also leads to …

I highly recommend you watch this show from season 1 and then continue to watch this season it can only get crazier and that’s the best House season to be seen!

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