Enjoying the last of the Summer…

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We’ve both been on vacation this past week.  *sigh* it’s almost over. ;)  We picked up some sweet corn at the local farmer’s market.  Bill had really liked it so we went back and bought a few more….50 ears to be exact.  Last night I worked on preparing it for the freezer.  I cut up some in sections and the rest was removed from the cobs.  It will be delicious come winter!


We also picked up a few cucumbers from the market.  We had had a few given to us and we had several from our garden.  I wanted to try my hand at sweet relish.  I’ve never attempted relish before.  That was my project for today.  I’m not sure how many cucumbers I actually started out with but it seemed like a lot!  I ended up with 4 pints which will be plenty to last me until next summer. :)


Our garden has put out enough veggies for us to have for a meal or so at a time.  Not really enough to can/freeze much.  But we are enjoying it.  I take that back..I did freeze up several small containers of chopped up tomatoes.  I’ll be using those in soups come cold weather.  I was so happy this year I finally got my acorn squash and butternut squash to do something.  I have never got one that I can remember in all my years of gardening.   They never did anything but bloom for me before.  But this year I was blessed with a few.  Enough for me as Bill doesn’t like them at all.

Here is probably the last snaps of the final things growing in my garden this year.  This has been a tough and trying summer for my family. I hope this summer found yours better than mine was. If you wonder why all the cardboard in my garden in the photos below….I was away for almost a month due to my mother’s passing right after I planted the garden.  Bill did his best around the house…he faithfully watered our garden.  But a weeder he is not..lol  When I arrived home you could not tell the veggies from the weeds.  I attempted to weed.  Too much work for me!  I ended up taking a bunch of cardboard boxes that were destined for the recycle bin and cut them into strips…laying them between the aisles and between each plant covering all the massive grass type weeds.  It worked in killing 90% of all the weeds.  My garden from above I’m sure resembled a basket as I wove the strips of cardboard in and out of all the plants. ;)

Can you believe….next month is FALL already???


A trip through the last bits of my summer garden……..

One of my three butternut squashes.  I can’t wait to try them. :)


I can’t believe this is probably the one and only sweet green pepper I’ll get this year.  Granted I only planted a couple plants this year.  But ONE? ;)


Our cucumber plants are finally producing.  I had to replant them three times this year.  The first two packets of seeds I bought must of been bad as not one plant came up from them.


Cantaloupe or as our family calls it Muskmelon. :)


Crossing our fingers that our watermelon take off soon..they are staying so little.



Hopefully there will still be time for another acorn squash to ripen. :)


My weird looking zucchini’s.  These last few are a bit bulbous. ;)


Our green bean are on their last leg I think.  Although I thought they were gone before and they keep producing so maybe we’ll have a bit left on them. :)


Soon I’ll be needing to dry the fennel seeds.


A variety of loose leaf lettuce.


That’s it for my garden I believe this year.  I was sure hoping to have a pumpkin to show off this year but they ended up being bad seeds also.  I never had the time to replant those.  Thanks for viewing this far! ;)  Have a wonderful weekend. :)



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