Enough with the false Christianity, false patriotism, and false outrage by the Republicans and Tea Party

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Enough. Enough with dividing the world between moral, family-loving Christians and supposedly permissive, corrupt, family-destroying secularists. Enough with pretending that personal virtue is connected with political creeds. Enough with condemning your adversaries, sometimes viciously, and then insisting upon understanding after the failures of someone on your own side become known to the world. And enough with claiming that support for gay rights and gay marriage is synonymous with opposition to family values and sexual responsibility.

The quote above is from Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. His reference point was the recent resignation of Republican Congressman Mark Souder after revealing that he had an affair with a staffer. It follows on the heels of today’s revelation from Republican strategist Will Folks that he had an affair with South Carolina Gubernatorial and Tea Party favorite Nikki Haley (which she denies), the same Will Folks that had been communications director for current SC Governor Mark Sanford, whose “hiking the Appalachian trail” affair has become the stuff of legend.

Dionne’s “Enough” tirade got me thinking. And I agree with him. I’m tired of the false Christianity that proselytizes morality in public while practicing immorality in private. I’m tired of the false patriotism that paints anyone that questions the accuracy of your statements as a socialist or a communist or a fascist or a nazi or some irrational and uninformed combination of all of the above, all while supporting policies that continue to send billions of dollars overseas to oil countries that fund terrorists. I’m tired of people putting on false indignation whenever some liberal calls a tea partier a “tea bagger,” a term that the tea party itself invented, while simultaneously calling the liberal such ugly names as to wonder how it is possible not to see the hypocrisy.

Here on this venue we have a microcosm of what we see in the real world. Self-professed Christians viciously attacking others, and by doing so blasphemously usurping the judgment of God to assail the very souls of God’s own creations. Some of the most un-Christian, intolerant, and despicable people on this site are people who claim to be strongly religious. Perhaps they don’t think that God is taking notes.

We have people who get all outraged that “we must take our country back” (from what, no one seems to actually know, but apparently from the people that the majority of Americans voted into office over the last two elections). These false patriots scream at the top of their lungs about their right to do whatever they want, but apparently that only applies to themselves and not the rights of others. Rand Paul revealed one of the tenets of the tea party movement by admitting he believes the right of a person to discriminate should take precedence over the rights of others not to be discriminated against. And the reactions by supporters show that they agree with him.

Does it make sense to claim superiority both morally and otherwise while violating several of the Ten Commandments and laws by stealing, lying, and frankly, just being plain obnoxious?

Do the Democrats have affairs, say nasty things, make poor choices? Of course they do. But the Democrats do not go around acting like they are the only ones that count. Democrats do not tell themselves and others that they are the chosen ones put here on Earth by a God who apparently is vindictive and petty, based on the malignant unforgiving and rancorous attitudes of those who claim His mantle.

Enough already.

So listen up. We are ALL people, with human frailties and human needs. Not just the ones that you decide are special. All of us. We are humanity. And with humanity comes responsibility.

It’s time to grow up and take some responsibility. It’s time to think.

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