EPA Official Describes Brutal Enforcement Tactics ‘Make Examples Out of Them’ (Video)

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An EPA official shared his agency’s brutal philosophy toward regulation of oil and gas companies at a meeting in a video from 2010 that just surfaced this week. Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz compared the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement techniques to the tactics ancient Romans used toward her enemies.

Al_Armendariz by Lone Star Chapter Sierra ClubArmendariz stated, that the “philosophy of enforcement” is “kind of like how the Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean: they’d go into little Turkish towns somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they’d run into, and they’d crucify them.”

This tactic would make the companies “easier to manage.” He said, “You find people that are not complying with the law and you hit them as hard as you can…you make examples out of them,” as reported by the Heritage Foundation.

Since when did government agencies stop becoming watchdogs for the American people and start becoming enforcers of political agendas?

The Environmental Protection Agency’s War on Fossil Fuels

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) released a press release regarding the “Crucify them” strategy apparently espoused by the Agency and called the tactics indicative of their “war on fossil fuels.” It went on to say,

“Not long after Administrator Armendariz made these comments in 2010, EPA targeted US natural gas producers in Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming. In all three of these cases, EPA initially made headline-grabbing statements either insinuating or proclaiming outright that the use of hydraulic fracturing by American energy producers was the cause of water contamination, but in each case their comments were premature at best – and despite their most valiant efforts, they have been unable to find any sound scientific evidence to make this link.”

Sen. James Inhofe said that Armendariz’s comments give us a “rare glimpse” into the true agenda of the Obama Administration, who “pretends” to be a “true friend to oil, gas and coal,” his “green team” betrays the truth…that there is an “all-out war” on hydraulic fracturing. The Green Team thinks that “Americans won’t know that if you kill hydraulic fracturing, you kill oil and gas production in America.”

U.S. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) by flyermedia

Since when is the government in the business to target industries and “crucify them”? It is one thing to enforce the law, but it is another, as Inhofe states, to “scare people, to intimidate people” to “fall in line with regulatory whims.”

Thank you Sen. James Inhofe, for bringing this story to light.

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