Equinox (Ethos), by Desiree Finkbeiner

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Second in her Ethos series, Desiree Finkbeiner’s Equinox starts up just as Morning Star ends. The story is ramping up by now as Brianna and Kalen (newly raised from seeming death), strive to save not one world, but two, from the evil elvish Ellette. The laws of Ethos insist the two protagonists cannot be together, but human love seems likely to prevail in this tale where obscure mythologies are well-blended with ancient history and modern imagination.

I really enjoyed the first half of this book—more so than its predecessor. The characters feel deeper and their emotions more real. Touches of faith both behind and in opposition to laws are very nicely done. And occasionally overblown dialog is well-balanced with action and thought as the story moves back to earth and into the wilds of America. Even the first touches of conspiracy theories worked for me, feeling well in character. But the story slows when discussions Big Pharma, the dangers of childhood vaccinations, and the usurping of the American Constitution take the stage.

Not a book for serious scientists, or for readers overly frustrated by unintended word-choices, this is still an intriguing tale, offering a good mix of myth, law and love, complex imagination, and an enjoyable hint of more behind life than the facts our senses perceive.


Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy of this novel and I’m offering my honest review.

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