Eric Dane Rehab Stint Becomes Breaking News

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Eric Dane’s rehab stint has begun, apparently. The Grey’s Anatomy star checked into rehab last month. The exclusive news just broke on Radar Online. From the report it seems like the man known as Dr. McSteamy had to reach out for help due to some addiction problems.

The report states that Eric Dane had entered The Hills Treatment Center, a sober living recovery residence in West Los Angeles. It was done as a preventive measure, and it turns out that the actor did it voluntarily. That is a good sign, because it means he became aware that he had a problem and sought the necessary help to deal with it.

So what is it that Eric Dane is being treated for? It looks like he has had trouble with pain medication that was prescribed to him for an injury that he suffered during the recent hiatus from Grey’s Anatomy. He went into a 30-day stint at the facility in order to get over his dependence on the pain medication, and appears ready to head back to work.

Dane is married to actress Rebecca Gayheart, who is currently pregnant with their second child. It sounds like he has every reason to get better quickly, and had the time to do it during his time off in the summer. It’s hard to fault him for this decision, especially if he was going through the very difficult addiction of pain pills. Getting past it in a quick 30-day session and getting back to work is exactly what the doctor ordered in this case.

Filming for the fall season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to begin pretty soon, so hopefully he was able to sort out all of his issues during the treatment.

Do you feel any differently about Dane with this news coming out?

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