Eric Holder first cabinet member held in contempt of Congress

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Eric Holder will forever be remembered as the first man to be held in contempt of Congress from this day forward, as the House voted 255-67 to tell the Justice Department Attorney General that he was not above the law, Fox News reported.

The issue, Fast and Furious documents the AG refused to turn over to the proper investigating body in Congress, has now given the Obama appointee a black mark in the history books to come.

Ericholder deputyag 20000818And, unfortunately, it could have all been avoided if the Justice Department official had not insisted in falling upon his sword to protect the conversations of those in the government’s employ.

Democrats, which included demoted rep Nancy Pelosi, exited the proceedings in defiance, with her replacement, House Speaker John Boehner, reminding his fellow public servants why the vote was even necessary.

The Justice Department has not provided the facts and information we requested,” Boehner said.

And he didn’t, choosing to try and finagle his way out of a legitimate congressional request instead.

Pres. Obama sought to aid him in that endeavor, invoking an executive privilege, but failing in the end to halt the contempt of Congress vote against his appointee.

And while the minority leader, Pelosi, called the vote “shameful,” the real shame lies in the willingness of Eric Holder and the Obama administration to hide behind executive privilege in a legitimate congressional investigation.

The failure of the Justice Department’s ATF division to confiscate all guns used in a gunrunning scheme dubbed “Fast and Furious” is at the heart of the matter. But it is the death of an innocent man who was gunned down as a result that is the crux of the investigative probe.

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