Eric Williams and The White Supremacist Wild Goose Chase in Texas DA Murders

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Eric Williams, a former justice of the peace with a grudge, has been upgraded to “chief suspect” in the District Attorney murders in Texas. A white supremacist group was targeted in the mainstream media for the killings; but it seems that it was a wild goose chase.


The victims, Assistant DA Mark Hasse was killed on his way to the county courthouse in January and Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found murdered in late March in their home. An anonymous email threat was traced back to Williams and he is “expected to be charged with capital murder as early as Tuesday,” reported Tanya Eiserer of Dallas News. The motive is likely that the victims “vigorously prosecuted” Williams last year in the “theft of three computer monitors,” which resulted in Williams losing “his job and his law license.” Tragically, Mike McLelland (before he and his wife were murdered) “repeatedly” told County Judge Bruce Wood that “Williams was behind Hasse’s slaying.” The first time was in the emergency room “hours” after Hasse was shot.

The judge said, “He [McLelland] very pointedly said to me, ‘I know who did this.’ I said, ‘Well, who, Mike?’ He said, ‘Well, Eric Williams.'” How tragic that despite McLelland’s repeated warnings, the media was gleefully reporting that a White Supremacist group was involved with little information, aside from the famous bulletin discussed below. Was the double homicide preventable? Did police know about McLelland’s concerns?

The Texas Department of Public Safety Bulletin

In December, before the murder of Mark Hasse, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a bulletin that warned that authorities had received “credible information” that the Aryan Brotherhood was “actively planning retaliation against law enforcement officials,” as reported by USAToday. It is unclear who wrote the bulletin or what information they had that would give them that impression.

A prison interview with John Murray, a co-founder of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang, revealed that he “doubts that the Aryans would have authorized such a public strike and risked unwanted scrutiny.” This statement is yet another indicator that the white supremacist group was not involved in the murders.

The Undeniable Push

There is an undeniable push to expose white supremacist groups at the exclusion of other hate groups. While this story has been all over the news; stories that do not fit the narrative – like the Gosnell Trial (which the mainstream media has been shamed into reporting) or the hateful antics of the New Black Panther Party, for example, receive barely a sentence.

As one author points out, “Now that that angle hasn’t panned out, expect the coverage to cease immediately.” Nobody is defending violent white supremacists; but there is no doubt that the mainstream media gleefully jumped on the narrative.

Watch Chris Matthews and Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center discuss the Aryan Brotherhood:

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