Erik Gates dies in a freak accident

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Erik Gates, 47, died Sunday afternoon. He was walking across the roof of a building before he fell 30 feet to his death.  He and a colleague were working up right before it happened.

Erik Gates owned the electric company “Gateco Electric”. He and his CFO had appeared on a few episodes of the popular Discovery Channel TV show, “MythBusters“.

Gates fell through a skylight on the building and he died of blunt force injuries to the chest. He was still alive and talking at the scene immediately after the fall, but died later of his injuries at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center.

The coworker that was on the roof with Gates had his back turned at the time he fell. He didn’t not see or hear Gates fall. This all happened at around 3:30 PM Sunday. Erik appeared on four episodes of “MythBusters” as the shows Amateur Rocket Expert.

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