Erin Andrews death threats & Dancing with Stars – Kate Gosselin, others have her back on DWTS 10

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ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews continues to excel on Dancing with the Stars season 10.  Despite the news of Erin Andrews death threats which have arrived to “The Dan Patrick Show” in the form of emails, Andrews has put her sole focus into the dance competition.  Andrews and her partner are currently among the top scorers on the show in its first few weeks of airing.

Andrews spoke to CNN and said she chose to be on DWTS 2010 in order to get away from the first incident (being filmed naked through hotel room peepholes).  She said her DWTS partner is like her “knight in shining armor” to help her get away from it all.  It appears the rest of the Dancing with the Stars lineup for 2010 has Andrews’ back as well.  Andrews says the cast has been a family since she’s been away from her family.

Reportedly, the death threat situation is being investigated by the Norfolk office of the FBI, as they believe the threats may have originated in the state of Virginia.  There were at least a dozen emails sent to Andrews since last September.  It’s been reported that many of them mention aspects of the Erin Andrews peephole video case, where a recently convicted Illinois man stalked and filmed Erin Andrews naked through hotel peepholes.  Originally the emails that Andrews received were said to be sexual in nature, but the most recent was threatening with one mentioning the email author wanted to “shoot her in the face.”  FBI spokesman Phill Mann declined to comment on a recent TMZ report that the emails were sent by someone from Newport News, Virginia.  So far no arrests have been made in the case.

The CNN video below shows other dancers and celebrity cast from Dancing with the Stars as they give their thoughts about the Erin Andrews death threats situation.  One particular commenter is Kate Gosselin of reality TV fame.  Others giving comments include Niecy Nash and Nicole Scherzinger’s dance partner from DWTS 2010.  Check out the CNN YouTube Video below.

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