ESA (Finally) Pulls SOPA Support

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The ESA has pulled its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) shortly after the bill was shot down. Was this sudden change of heart after failure a way to kiss up to protesting gamers? Many think so.

The Entertainment Software Association originally supported the bill that was supposed to curb the piracy that happens overseas despite the suspicious language of the bill that made critics worried in the first place. But when SOPA was put on hold indefinitely, the representing organization of the video game industry quickly renounced its endorsement. This sudden change of support does not look sincere. The ESA is running E3 soon and the “B”-word was in the air. This organization could not afford a successful boycott of E3, especially over a dead bill. Its support of SOPA will not be forgiven easily.

With SOPA put out of commission, gamers and streamers alike can rest now. The ESA, however will certainly seek a new bill that will protect the investments of the corporations it represents. Hopefully it won’t have as many holes the recent one did.


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