ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue, Serena Williams Gets Cover

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In ESPN Magazine set to hit newsstands October 19th is taking on SI’s Swimsuit Edition.  Professional, Olympic, and some amature athletes will be stripping their uniforms in order to be photographed for this issue of ESPN Magazine’s first “Body Issue.”  Body Issues for other magazines tend to sell very well, I bet ESPN Magazine is trying to capitalize on this.

Some of the athletes that have committed to expose themselves are Serena Williams–rumor has it she graces the cover, Adrian Peterson, Dwight Howard, Lola Jones, Gina Carano, Clair Bevilacqua and Sara Reinersten.  As part of the issue the magazine asks athletes who has the best body in their sport.  It is also showing the past, present and future of the athletes form.

The magazine says that they are doing a tasteful portrayal of the athletes body, and don’t want to be seen as converting to a “Lady” magazine.  They are planning a competition with Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit edition, however, I think that the swimsuit edition is much different than this Body Issue from ESPN Magazine.  The swimsuit has models, not professional athletes, it is designed for viewing pleasure, not so much for the awe factor.

The ESPN Magazine of professional athletes bodies is sure to be an awe.  The training, time, energy, and all that these athletes put into their craft exudes from their nicely toned bodies, but sometimes costs them major injuries.  Rumor has it that Tom Brady has let the cameras in to his knee surgeries to show what athletes go through for our enjoyment.

I am excited for this issue and think it will be a great display of artistic and athletic talent.

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