Estella Warren Busted For DUI, Assaulting Cops, And Breaking Out Of Jail

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Actress/model Estella Warren definitely has some serious ‘splainin to do. The Planet of the Apes actress is spending the night in a Los Angeles jail cell after “allegedly slamming into three cars, kicking a cop, and escaping from the police station.” Talk about having a rough night.

A few minutes before midnight on Monday, Estelle Warren was driving–obviously drunk as the proverbial skunk–when she smashed her Toyota Prius into 3 parked cars. She immediately fled the scene, but the cops pursued her and arrested her for “driving under the influence.” No kidding. Apparently, Warren didn’t take kindly to that because she resisted arrest by kicking one of the officers. After being subdued and cuffed, she was taken to the police station for booking. Alas, during the booking process, she somehow got out of the handcuffs and escaped out the back door of the station house. Fortunately, she didn’t get far on foot. She was recaptured and booked for “assault, hit and run, and DUI.” And, oh yes, felony escape.

Good grief. Looks like Estelle Warren is a one woman crime wave. Or as one of the cops told TMZ: “She was really hammered.”

Obviously, she’s a menace. Drunks who get behind the wheel are potential murderers. Here’s hoping Warren does jail time and loses her driver’s license. What she did is inexcusable.

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