Eternity at the River

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Intro:  I wrote and posted this last year, after a camping weekend in my fav spot on the (warming) planet.  It was one of those humbling experiences, my morning at the river.  Surprising me, the beauty of the pastel morning.  I hadn't built my Gather family yet, so the comments were sparse.  Please enjoy this momentary glimpse into eternity in the spirit for which it is intended….Humble Worship at the Alter of The Earth, and her Mysteries…    It is, indeed, one of my favorite memories, and a moment recorded in the album of my mind and psychie…..(((smiles)))  Marilyn's new group about Rivers got me to thinking about this piece…Thank you M.

Blessings, Enjoy!




Eternity at the River 


Rise of dawn whispers soft,

washes lavenders and rose-golden hues

into the gossamer river myst–

sweetly swirling

over the mur-murmuring river

I bathe myself in the morning fog,

perched on river rounded rocks


An interloper–listening intently,

enraptured by Momma Nature's eternal song.


Hidden choirs of birds, as childvoice sopranos,

     pipe flutenotes into pastel air

Over the gentle rhythm of water and rock,

     cello stringsong, thrumming the blood

Frog percussion, plop, plop,

     syncopates, keeps time,

keeps time.


The interloper, Awe-Filled woman,


Was the river always thus?


Was my river visited, a July morning,

Perhaps some twenty thousand years ago?

At the pink-skinned birth of dawn,

     before the newborn world awakened?

What woman, dressed in skins,

     perhaps naked,

Hair unkempt as mine today,

Muddy toes

     perched on river rounded rocks

Enchanted by the orchestral song of water,   



Wondering… Too. 

     Speaks to me

     from the other side,


"Will the river always sing?"

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