Etiquette and Tolerance

Pardon if I insult

Your sensibilities this day

I have no time for cults

So hate me, then go pray.


Your timing is atrocious

You have no idea, do you?

That I have been there and back

I'm not here to try to fool you.


I have my own ways to tend to 

I can show more than what you want

To experience at this time

I know a secret font.


So don't demean yourselves, or God

By thumping Bibles; think

Of other ways to achieve Nirvana

There are more than your ways in the rink.


So merge with all in this fair world

Heaven is here too

Hell is what you make of life

When you have a narrow view.






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I don't know what I am evolving into from whence I came. I wrote it all down in my book. best way to explain your motives for your life choices is to write it down, vision is 20/20 in hindesight.

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