Etiquette has lost its spokewoman: Elizabeth Post dead at 89

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Elizabeth Post, official etiquette expert since 1965, died Saturday in Naples, Florida.

She became spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute in 1965 and wrote a column on etiquette for Good Housekeeping for decades. She is also the author of over a dozen books on etiquette.

She was the granddaughter-in-law of Emily Post, considered the country’s foremost etiquette expert. She also revised the manual, “Emily Post’s Etiquette” five times over the years, to keep it current with changes in social norms.


Apparently I was confused, as “Miss Manners” is not the same person. Below in the comments, Lucas M. has a little more information about Emily Post, and Jay May gave me the name of the person known as Miss Manners (Judith Martin). I apologize for getting them mixed up. The rest of this is about Judith Martin, who is NOT dead, and her books.


I remember reading many of her columns, and references to “Miss Manners” (or Ms. Manners, at least in the 60′s) became something of a household word in my family. Not that we had good etiquette, but more as a joke on ourselves.

I have one of her books, and found it not only actually useful, but full of humor. I especially remember the part on what to do with a fish bone you may find in your mouth. Her main point was that no hostess would prefer their guest choke on a fish bone, so all methods of removal were appropriate short of spitting it into the center of the table. Then she went on to suggest a few of the least embarrassing ways one might manage said removal.

I remember discussing various wedding gaffs I’d seen from various cousins in the family. Ms Manner’s take? Yes, it’s supposed to be your special day but that does not give you free reign to be obnoxious. I loved her examples!

Here is the most recent version of the book, Miss Manner’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior available at I think you’ll find it rather fun to read, especially the parts where she deals with family spats and weddings.

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