Etta James Beyonce Beef

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TMZ reports Beyonce was dissed by 71-year-old singer Etta James.  Beyonce apparently sang Etta James’ song “At Last” at Obama’s inauguration concert (the one I didn’t get to watch because I can’t afford HBO).  Etta James apparently has a mouth on her too, ’cause she said (and this is your last chance to turn away – it gets a little PG13 here) “She gone to get her ass whipped”. 

Oh snap, it’s so on now!  The gauntlet has been thrown down by Etta James.  Beyonce has no choice but to meet her at dawn.  Probably with pistols.  Or perhaps sabers.  Or maybe some of the good ol’ oil wrestling. 

No wait, I just remembered the whole 71-year-old part of the story.  You know, the bit with Etta James.  Beyonce can get slathered down in the oil all she wants, but Etta James might just break a hip.  So I guess we’re back to pistols then. 

And I’m really serious about this brawl, in whatever form it takes.  I’d buy tickets.  Or a pay-per-view.  I’d even be okay with MTV bringing back that Celebrity Deathmatch thing to watch this.  Or does even mentioning that show date me? 

In the interest of journalistic integrity (I actually was able to write that without giggling in case you were wondering) I should probably mention that Beyonce portrayed Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records.  But then again, I didn’t even know that was a movie. 

Etta James went on to say (and this doesn’t involve Beyonce – at least I don’t think) “Your president, the one with the big ears…”  Methinks she’s talking about Obama here.  Yep, that’s my amazing deductive skills at work there. 

Anywho, you can listen to the whole Etta James/ Beyonce beef here. 



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