Eunice Flores, 12, Dies Running Across CA Freeway on Christmas Day

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In a sad ending to Christmas Day, 12-year-old Eunice Flores was traveling on a southern California freeway when some suitcases flew off the luggage rack on top of the car she was riding in.

Apparently, the clothing in those suitcases, now strewn along the highway near Mira Loma, California, was too precious to leave behind. So, for some unfathomable reason, Eunice Flores did the worst thing imaginable. She left the car and tried to retrieve them.

Police say 74-year-old John Sullivan was driving the same stretch, at about 70 miles an hour, and was unable to stop in time before hitting Flores.

Sullivan was not injured, but Eunice Flores was killed, most likely, instantly. Sullivan is not being charged with any crime.

What a tragic story to close out the last hours of Christmas Day, 2011.

There must have been some articles of clothing in those bags which the 12-year-old felt she couldn’t do without. Of course, that is an age when favorite outfits become, seemingly, indispensable. Perhaps they were just given to her as Christmas presents.

It’s hard to believe any adult who was with Flores would let her try such a desperate thing. What were they thinking?

It’s more likely it was an impulsive act by the child who was probably thinking of looking her best in the days after Christmas, perhaps even for New Year’s Eve. What a sad tragedy to close out a day, which, seemingly, was one of the happiest Christmas weekends in recent memory.

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