‘Eureka’ Gets Back on Track For It’s Closing Season

Eureka is three episodes into its last year and the show is getting back on track. At the end of last season, it appeared the town’s residents would be divided forever. Now they’re finally back together.

As the season began, the Astraeus crew thought they returned home four years in the future. Everything had changed, including Allison’s relationship with Jack Carter. He raised her children with the help of Jo. Sarah took over as head of Global Dynamics and Deputy Andy became a Big Brother like character who keep everyone in line.

That reality, however, proves fake. Back in the real town, those left think the Astraeus crew is missing. That’s thanks to Senator Wen who has kidnapped them and is keeping them inside a virtual reality to build weapons for the military.

Last week, Holly caught on to the illusionary world and got killed for her discovery. Her murder at the hands of Senator Wen proved the turning point for villainess Beverly Barlowe. This week she joined with Carter to help save his friends.

When it seems that Zane is about to catch on to the virtual reality world, the fake Sheriff Carter gets ready to “retire” him. He doesn’t know that the real Carter is jacking into their reality to save them. He nearly shoots Jack before the sheriff can explain everything.

Jack clues in Allison and Grace to garner their help. Fargo also stumbles into reality when he tries to leave Eureka but can’t.

The team comes up with a way for Henry to track the crew’s real site. It involves blowing up the Astraeus. However, when faux Henry catches on to the deception, he keeps Grace from getting the needed bomb detonator. So Jack must do it manually.

As luck would have it, the sheriff gets caught on board the ship and must fight his way out. He barely makes it in time. There’s another problem though. Blowing up the ship put a tear in virtual reality, which will expand to consume everything its path; including them.

It becomes a race against time with Henry getting information to Jo about the crew’s site before their virtual bodies die. To complicate matters further, Wen catches on to Beverly’s machinations and cuts the sheriff’s ties to reality.

Allison and Fargo get everyone on the crew into the virtual tundra in time. However, faux Jo stops Allison and nearly succeeds in killing her. Luckily, Zane arrives in time to save her.

The real Jo is on her way to the Columbia, a ship at sea. That’s the crew is being held. However, the bad guys are aware that she’s coming. They make plans to get rid of the evidence.

To save the crew Zane agrees to get shocked nearly to the point of death in hopes of waking up his real body. It works and he stumbles off the table only to get caught. Luckily, Jo arrives to save the day.

Zane is able to unhook the rest of the crew from the virtual reality. Only Jack remains. That’s when Wen arrives to try to pin everything on Beverly. Luckily, Henry doesn’t believe her and zaps her and her army into submission.

Beverly is able to get the information to Zane in time to save Jack. At last, the residents of Eureka get reunited. All but one that is — Holly. Jo breaks the news to a broken-hearted Fargo. As the episode closes, Jack tries to comfort his young, lonely friend.

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