‘Eureka’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap – Reprise

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There are some strange goings-on in Eureka, even more strange than usual.

Fargo finds out that Holly, an auditor of some sort, is coming (Felicia Day of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog) and completely freaks out, Fargo-style. Meanwhile, Jo has a new house and Zane comes along to torment her with his newfound knowledge of their past. Jo goes to confront Fargo over his big mouth when the auditor shows up to see the FTL (faster than light) drive in action. To Jo’s horror, Fargo zaps Holly with it, sending her who knows where. Oddly, Fargo not only shows no remorse, he seems gleeful.

Jo hauls him off to the jail and calls in Jack who has babysitting duties as Allison is off to some convention. Kevin chooses not to go, but is not at all thrilled to be left with Jack who is apparently not nearly as fun as he was prior to entering this alternate timeline. No ride-alongs means boring to Kevin.

Jack takes the baby and Kevin to the diner and when Jo calls, he asks Kevin where someone might wind up after being zapped by the FTL. Kevin thinks that Holly might have been sent to the catcher’s mitt thing from last episode and steals Jack’s car to race through Eureka to it and hopefully her. Jack and Jo race after Kevin and find Kevin and Holly right where Kevin had hypothesized. Holly is thrilled with the experience. She fits right in, doesn’t she?

Jo goes home to find Zane with a flame-thrower and a burned out shell of a house. Zane seems completely unconcerned with his actions. Jo brings him to the jail and gets locked in so that she won’t kill Zane. Jack thinks that maybe the FTL drive did something to Fargo and Zane since they are both behaving oddly. Andy takes over babysitting duties. He makes for an adorable babysitter.

As people behave more and more erratically, Jack, Kevin and Holly discover a landslide that is stopped mid-slide. Holly realizes that time is moving very slowly. While looking over a music list, Jack realizes that somehow everyone is acting out songs, “Eye of the Tiger” for Fargo and “Burning Down the House” for Zane. Holly realizes that she had synched her own list to Eureka’s server and that her self-hypnotic recordings have somehow merged with the playlist.

The time-freeze thing turns out to be Henry and Grace so Jack heads over there to get that resolved while Jo goes over to meet him under the influence of “I Shot the Sheriff.” Luckily, Jack winds up caught in the time sludge and the bullet is slowed enough so that Kevin and Jo can save Jack with an impeccably timed unplugging of the time slower downer and a very fitted Kevlar vest.

Holly tells Fargo that the FTL drive has gotten Eureka a huge grant and they celebrate. Zane tries to apologize for burning down Jo’s house and to talk, and they wind up really kissing.

During all this Allison got a flat tire, then hit her head while hunting for a wounded dad with a distraught daughter by her side. Allison saves the dad and goes home. She has a headache, and the fact that she didn’t go in for a cat scan would be a concern except that it turns out that Allison’s whole storyline was actually a fake-out. Instead what happened is that everything that happened after the flat tire was a deliberate miscues from a shadowy evil couple who planted some sort of bug in her brain.

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