Europe ‘Losing’ Superbugs Battle

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Europe ‘Losing’ Superbugs Battle
MICHELLE ROBERTS, Health Reporter – BBC News (U.K.)
This has profound implications for an already over-stressed Illness Profit System. My late brother Alan contracted one of these antibiotic resistant bugs while in the hospital. It caused aggressive diarrhea, and considerable pain, and he ended up spending the next four months in full quarantine, taking a pill that cost $150 a day. Visiting him was a nightmare, and it was a horrifying experience for everyone, him most of all. Stephan A. Schowartz
Antibiotic-resistant infections have reached unprecedented levels and now outstrip our ability to fight them with existing drugs, European health experts are warning.

Each year in the EU over 25,000 people die of bacterial infections that are able to outsmart even the newest antibiotics.

The World Health Organization says the situation has reached a critical point. More…

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