Eva Longoria Closet Smoker? Exposed!

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Is Eva Longoria a closet smoker? It looks like at least one British tabloid has let the cat out of the bag. Now Longoria is exposed…or at least her tobacco habit is.

The UK Daily Mail has photographs of Eva Longoria wearing a grey sweat suit and Uggs. As if wearing Uggs with workout clothes instead of tennis shoes were not odd enough, guess what the stunning actress had tucked into her waistband?

If you guessed what appears to be a pack of Marlboro Lights, you would be correct. Yep, as Eva walked her sweatshirt pulled up, exposing her sexy midriff and a pack of cancer sticks.

Even Longoria can’t stay away from those nasty things. The Desperate Housewives star seemed to be desperate to hide her habit, but she is clearly not fooling the paparazzi anymore.

Perhaps Eva Longoria is using cigarettes to help her keep her sexy figure. One thing is for sure, it really is a nasty habit. Perhaps she would breathe better during workouts without them, just saying!

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