Eva Longoria Denies Pregnancy With New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez

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Despite rumors to the contrary, actress Eva Longoria says she is not pregnant with New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez’s, child. In fact, Longoria isn’t pregnant at all.

A lot of controversy has surrounded the couple since they started dating. Much of it stems from the fact that Eva is older than her newest beau. Additionally, Eva’s relationships with other sports figures in the past have not panned out well for either party. Some people fear a repeat with Sanchez.

A few people have even referred to the former Desperate Housewives star as “a jinx”. With the way the famed Jet played ball this past weekend, such accusations are liable to escalate and not die down unless he’s able to get his head back in the game.

A source close to the couple reports that Mark is “serious” about Eva. The words “true love” have even been bandied about with regard to their relationship.

Still, Eva Longoria’s representative told TMZ, “Rumors of the couple being pregnant are false and absolutely not true.” Apparently that’s that for now. Maybe the couple believes in tradition first; marriage and then baby?

Many Tim Tebow fans don’t have a problem with Mark being distracted. They hope it means their favorite backup quarterback might get some play time. If Sanchez can’t get his act together, unfortunately, that’s a distinct possibility.

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