Eva Longoria Has Wardrobe Malfunction on Letterman (Video)

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Eva Longoria’s appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman last night is making headlines today after the gorgeous Desperate Housewives star had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during the show. Longoria was there to talk about her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen, but it’s a safe bet that wasn’t what was on Letterman’s mind.

Longoria showed up for her Letterman interview wearing a very revealing navy blue tuxedo-like outfit that included super-short shorts and a more formal looking top. The only catch? She wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath, so the split came perilously close to revealing her bare chest several times as she shifted around in the interview chair.

Actresses wear revealing clothing quite often – that’s nothing new. But even star watchers had to be staring, just waiting for disaster to happen. And it very nearly did. About three minutes into the interview, the top button on Eva Longoria’s low-cut tuxedo shirt apparently popped. A smiling Longoria worked quickly to fix the situation, but not before Letterman noticed, saying “We’re going to lose our liquor license, I know it.” Leave it to him to lighten things up.


Poor Eva Longoria. One minute you’re talking about making guacamole and the merits of cilantro, the next you’re perilously close to flashing David Letterman (and getting CBS another fine for a “wardrobe malfunction”). If nothing else, perhaps she just sold a lot more cookbooks? The next time you decide to wear half of your outfit, make sure your assistant has plenty of double-sided tape and some large safety pins!

You can see Longoria’s close call here:

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