Eva Mendes’s Childhood Dream Was To Become A Nun

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Sultry actress, Eva Mendes wanted to become a nun when she was a young girl.  Her fascination with the religious life ended, however, when Mendes’s older sister informed her that being a nun was a strictly non-profit occupation.

According to 411 Mania, Mendes who grew up in economically deprived circumstances, dreamed of buying her mother a house and a car when she grew up.  When her sister told her that “nuns don’t get paid” Mendes was incredulous.  And disappointed.  She changed her career plans immediately.  

Although she may have chosen a different life path from the one she envisioned for herself as a child, Mendes never abandoned her desire to help others.  Today, she gives back through a variety of charities including the art of the Elysium, “which helps children in hospitals heal themselves through art therapy.”

Good for you, Eva.  Plus, your mom must really love her really nice house and car(s).

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