Evelyn lozada Engaged to Chad Ochocinco – Did he Reveal Wedding Day Secrets to Ryan Seacrest?

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Evelyn Lozada is engaged to Chad Ochocinco! On Ryan Seacrest’s morning show on Tuesday, Ochocinco talked an earful to  Seacrest about Lozada and their marriage plans. Apparently, the football player is prepared to settle down at the ripe old age of 32!

Bengals Chad Ochocinco Signed Authentic 8x10 Photo JsaIf this sounds a bit outrageous, consider their relationship from the beginning! Two attention hoggers getting married. If that isn’t a match made in heaven, nothing is. Earlier this month, Ochocinco adorned Lozada’s finger with a 10-carat diamond ring but  they didn’t link the ring to an engagement until now.

This will be Ochocinco’s first engagement and Lozada’s second. Here’s what the footballer told Ryan Seacrest:

“Yeah, man … It’s time for me to sit down…Enough is enough. I’m 32, you know, my days are over…Maybe [we’ll have] … a couple of babies. You never know what’ll happen.”

Unfortunately, Ochocinco didn’t spill any wedding day plans to Seacrest on the show. However, considering their reality show history, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they get married on TV! Bottom line, Lozada and Ochocinco seem happy so let’s hope their marriage will be one that withstands the test of Hollyweird!

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