Evelyn Lozada nude pictures leaked

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Nude pictures of Evelyn Lozada leaked online. Evelyn is  one of the hot stars in the VH1 show called “Basketball Wives”. The show is about 7 women who are either married to a NBA superstar, engaged, been married or dating. The reality show allows fans to really see what goes on dating a professional ball player, and how the lifestyle change is totally different from the real world.

According to the website TheYBF, the naked pictures were personally taken by Evelyn, and sent to a former bed buddy. From looking at the photos I’m guessing Lozada really enjoys taking explicit pictures of herself. Now come on, if your going to take racy photos and send them to a friend your playing with fire. Sometime down the road they will appear all over the web. Photos can be found here.

Other celebrities who have had photos leaked online were Cassie, Vanessa Hudgens, Dustin Diamond, Adrienne Bailon, Paris Hilton, and  Kim Kardashian. While some of the celebrities leak their sex tapes or pictures deliberately, others are victims of theft. A perfect example of photo theft was Erin Andrews. The ESPN reporter had a stalker take a video of her walking around naked in a hotel room, and the infamous peephole video became viral instantly.

Why are people so interested in seeing celebrities naked? It seems like every other week another one pops up. Can’t we just leave them alone, and allow them to have their privacy without making such a fuss? Evelyn will be a hit for some time, but in all reality all naked bodies are the same except some have different shapes. Some are big, some all small, and some in-between.

The other cast members to appear in the reality show Basketball wives is Gloria Govan, Suzie Ketcham, Jennifer Williams, Shaunie O’Neal, and Royce. If you need to catch up with the show, check out this website here. This website gives you sneak peaks, full episodes, show clips, and bonus clips. Episode 1 & 2 can be watched now. Episode 3 air date is 4/22.

I have to say the show does sound quite interesting. I might have to check it out to see what the big hype is over it. The show has humor, conflict, and lots of drama, which draws a lot fans. The sad truth is it’s the real living of what goes on being married to a profession.

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