Evelyn Lozada Wanted for Lesbian Fling by Rihanna!

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Evelyn Lozada, star of The Basketball Wives, looked pretty sexy in her Maxim spread. In fact, she looked so sexy that she caught the attention of a pop superstar who wants to know if Evelyn’s boyfriend will share her! Talk about being forward!

Evelyn Lozada stripped down for the men’s magazine—much to the happiness of men everywhere—and pop singer Rihanna was so excited by the photo shoot that she sent out a tweet asking if Evelyn was available for a lesbian fling!

“@EvelynLozada hey Evz, wud Chad share??? #thatisall,” Rihanna tweeted.

After that, things got a little saucy as Evelyn Lozada replied, saying:

“Bitch, 3 is a crowd! #KicksOchoToTheCurb #CAKE” and then “@rihanna Ooh baby, I like it,You so excited, Don’t try to hide it, I’mma make you my b-tch!”‘

Wow! What an exchange between these two stars. Most likely they are just joking around, but what if they aren’t? Can you imagine the headlines if Rihanna stopped chasing Chris Brown and started hooking up with Evelyn?

Do you think Evelyn Lozada and Rihanna will ever get together?

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