Even If You Don’t Do Black Friday, Think About CVS and Walgreens

I am hoping to will myself to get up early in the morning to go shopping with my niece. (And yes, she wants to go to the dreaded W-word.)

Many of you (I can hear you moan) are going to sleep in. Even if you hate black Friday, you should think about going to CVS and Walgreens. The sales last all day, so you can just go when you get up. Of all the circulars I’ve seen, these two stores probably offer the most savings. No, you’re not going to get a good deal on a flatscreen, but you will probably be able to find everything that’s advertised.

You don’t even need coupons (although if you have them, that’s great) or be regular shoppers of these stores. I went today with a friend who doesn’t usually do the CVS/Walgreens thing. She made three different purchases at each store, rolling the register rewards or CVS bucks over. At the end, she had about $5 in register rewards at Walgreens and $7 in CVS bucks. She just found some toys that were on sale at each store and used it.

At Walgreens, look for the 64-count Crayola Crayons (.99 after RR), and some Vaseline lotion for $1.99. You’ll also find these products free after register rewards: aquafresh toothpaaste, infusium shampoo or conditioner, Johnson & Johnson body wash, I can’t think of everything but those are the main ones. They’ve got some neat toys for 1/2 price and the Crayola wonderworks sets are $9.99, B1G1 free.

At CVS, you can get some Memorex headphones and a magnovox remote, a giant Twix bar and a regular-sized reese cup. Free or close to free after CVS bucks: Herbel Essence shampoo or conditioner, Vaseline infusion lotion, Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush, Quatro razor or refills, Soleil razor, St. Ives body wash and several kinds of deodorant.

Whatever you decide, have a good Friday. (and no, I don’t work for CVS or Walgreens!)

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