Even real Vampires hate Twilight: Bloodsuckers Against Twilight stage book burning of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga (Video)

Bloodsuckers Against Twilight, a group interested in exposing the unethical treatment and stereotyping of ‘real vampires’ staged a book burning of the Twilight Saga book series by Stephenie Meyer last week. The blood-thirsty clan insist that the tearing and torching of the popular work of fiction was necessary because the series is unrealistic and dilutes the vampire image.

Baron Von Goolo, a spokesman for Bloodsuckers Against Twilight (B.A.T) says the group was created  to “reverse Stephanie Meyer’s blasphemous opportunism and restore the image of vampires to what it should be: that of savage, unrelenting monsters.”

The group is not just calling out the lack of savagery but also the inexplicably popular love story between Bella Swan Cullen and Edward Cullen played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. “Real vampires would fall in love with an annoying high school girl no sooner than you or I would fall in love with a ham sandwich,” Von Goolo said.

The book burning event was a publicity stunt performed on Oct. 18, by the 1031 Community Theatre as part of the FrightTown festivities taking place at the Rose Quarter Exhibit Hall, at the Portland Memorial Coliseum in Portland Oregon. FrightTown is part of a West Coast chain of haunted houses.

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